Layout & Graphic Design

Layout & Graphic Design

Typesetting and Graphic Design

Our multilingual layout and graphic design specialists have decades of experience ensuring newly translated documents have the same visual impact as your originals — in any language.

Certain languages such as SpanishFrench, German, and Italian require more (and often longer) words to say the same thing in English. Other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean require considerably less space.

Verbio provides multilingual typesetters who understand the rules for line breaks, hyphenation, and the natural flow of text. We also assist with editing images that contain translated text and importing document fonts that support foreign language characters.

Graphic DesignIf you no longer have the original source files for your documents, we will recreate them in the software of your choice. Verbio can also create new culturally appropriate graphics or text overlaying a graphic in a foreign language.


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