InterpreterYou need to convey your spoken message accurately in hospitals and court rooms, during business meetings, conferences, and employee trainings. Verbio’s experienced, certified interpreters provide premium language support for your conversations in any language. Our professional interpreters are trained in ethics, confidentiality, and special terminology.

Verbio’s On-site Interpreters

Certified interpreters make business meetings, doctor’s appointments, and legal proceedings more efficient and accurate. Verbio’s offers interpreters that have completed the rigorous training of Certified Court Interpreters or Certified Medical Interpreters.

Conference interpreters serve the international audiences at any size event. Simultaneous interpretation keeps your meeting on schedule and on topic. These interpreters are equipped for training sessions, conventions, factory tours, and other large events. We offer specialty equipment rental including interpreter booths, microphones, transmitters, and wireless headsets so your audience can listen simultaneously in their own languages, ensuring the success of your message.

Verbio’s Telephone & Video Remote Interpreters

Telephone interpreters help you speak with business associates in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our telephone interpreters are mere seconds away, ready to support your confidential calls in 200 spoken languages.

Video remote interpreters are available for spoken languages as well as American Sign Language.




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