Transcription & Translication

Transcription & Translication

TranscriptionWhether your English recording requires transcription or you have a foreign language video that  you need to understand in English, transcription is a valuable tool for multimedia projects. We offer a variety of options to fulfill your needs:


Verbatim – Every utterance is captured including “um”, “uh”, and non-verbal elements such as [laughs].

Smooth Verbatim – We adhere to your specific instructions of what should and shouldn’t be captured.

Content – Grammar, slang, false starts, and verbal tics are all corrected to deliver a clean transcription.

Summary – Useful if you have a lot of source audio and just need a rough idea of what is said.

Time coding – Precise time-codes can be provided for every spoken phrase.


Multilingual Transcription

We provide accurate transcriptions for any audio or video source in any language. We even transcribe hand-written or faxed text.


Transcription + Translation = Translication

TranslicationWhen you need audio from one language transcribed directly into another language, translication skips the costly and time-consuming steps of first transcribing, then translating text. A bilingual transcriptionist works in a single step, much like an interpreter.


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