Audio & Video

Audio & Video

Audio VideoVideo plays an important role in your marketing strategy and should reach a global audience. Using your original script, translated and voiced in additional languages, your message will reach new audiences at a fraction of the cost of the original video.




Verbio translates your script specifically for voice-over, ensuring that a voice actor won’t run out of breath reading a long-winded translation. Our large database of professional voice actors includes native speakers of your target language, and our multilingual sound engineers record, edit, and master your new audio. Our on-site studio is equipped with a custom-built sound isolation booth and the highest quality voice-over microphones in the industry.



SubtitlingVerbio places subtitles directly into your video and synchronizes the foreign language titles with your audio track. Selecting audio engineers within a language firm is an advantage when subtitles use foreign fonts and need to be synchronized with audio tracks in other languages


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